Happy Families: Tune in today at 6pm!

Cath and Gina sit down with the happy couple. As old feuds surface and questions over the Mars voyage are raised will Dez win them over and Tina keep a cool head?

Episode Five – “Happy Families”

Dez and Tina get ready to move to Mars. Follow their journey from Bury to space as they train themselves mentally and physically for a whole new world.

written by Lee Lomas
produced by @lomasprods
follow: @movingtomarsdoc

Created by Lee Lomas & Imogen Davis in isolation



Watch past episodes:

Episode 3

Back to School Dez and Tina have a special visitor ready to help sharpen their maths skills, preparing them for life as astronauts. Written by Lee LomasCreated by Lee Lomas & Imogen Davis in isolation Cast: Lee Lomas Imogen Davis Christian Cascone Corinne Swallow DOP: Demi Dimitropoulou

Episode 2

Physical Training Dez and Tina put their bodies to the test as they prepare for the extreme conditions of space adventure.

Episode 1

Cold Training Dez and Tina prepare for life on Mars with some cutting edge cold training techniques. Dez has been doing his research and is ready to lead himself and Teens on a voyage of a lifetime, however, Tina struggles with the demands of preparing to be a space traveller.

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