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BLACK FRIDAY: 6 Acting Classes for £190 – Contact us 

BLACK FRIDAY: 6 Acting Classes for £190 – Contact us ->



Actors who are looking for professional training on a weekly basis; new script each week, material filmed in class and sent out – a weekly acting gym to drop in and sharpen your skills.

Monthly Intensives

Our Monthly Intensives are designed to target a specific area of training or technique. It’s an opportunity for the actors to have a complete deep dive into their craft and explore their acting skills in a more condensed time frame.


We have a few different venues that we host sessions at, all within central London. Currently we are hosting classes at Mixing Networks, E1 6DY (Tuesday 1-4pm) and GoHub Studios, SE11 6DF (Wednesday 6:45-9:45pm).

Yes! We have worked with many complete beginners. Our Directors are highly skilled at managing individuals within a group environment. We will coach and guide you depending on what you need at this stage of your career. Some weeks we will partner you with a more experienced actor to stretch and challenge you, other weeks we will partner you with another beginner so that you can grow together. Like any other skill in the world; it’s about building strong foundations and learning at a pace that is suitable for you! – Which we are happy to facilitate. All we ask is that you are completely prepared for class, which means learning your lines 100% and applying the technique to the script that you will be taught in your first session. We also send out a technique document before your first class so that you can learn in your own time and we offer free learning videos on our YouTube which will help you get up to speed. We have actors who started as complete beginners who are now booking work on Netflix, Amazon etc.

Yes! Our classes work like a weekly gym for more experienced actors. You will receive a new script every week and will be filmed in class. Our Directors will treat you like a professional and will therefore push you harder and direct you in a way that imitates being on set. You’ll be expected to bring high level performances with limited rehearsal, you’ll be expected to keep your performances fresh and new in between takes. The Directors will throw technical direction at you that will need to be applied instantly (as if you were on set) as well as layers of characterisation to adapt and merge with your own process. You’ll also be introduced to or technique which will deeper your understanding of yourself and help you to progress as an artist.

We cover all ranges of the Screen Acting profession: Audition technique, self-tapes, hitting marks and continuity, marketing yourself and casting brackets. Different filming angles: singles, wides, two-shots, masters, tracking shots. Dealing with props. Script analysis and understanding tv/film scripts and jargon. Character development. Physicality and vocal choices.

Practical Aesthetics is a technique derived from David Mamet’s book True and False. The Practical Aesthetics approach is designed to use your truth and experience to approach the text and only ever use the facts that the writer has included in the script. Invent Nothing, Deny Nothing is a catchphrase from the book and the technique aims to train the actor to only ever use the truth of the moment; to not deny anything that he/she encounters in the scene, to not enter the scene with pre-conceived ideas of how the scene should be, who the character is or how the actor in front of them should behave/perform the scene. It is an incredibly exciting process which introduces the actor to many moments of spontaneity and teaches him/her to be in touch with themselves and to consistently ride their impulses.

As well as all the technical stuff described above you will learn more about yourself, who you are and how you operate in the world. Actors who train with us regularly have breakthrough moments and gain invaluable insights into themselves as human beings. It is not uncommon for peoples regular lives to improve once they start training with us, as we encourage our actors to search within and to discover who the really are – a sometimes daunting but always rewarding journey.

Our weekly sessions run in blocks of 6. That’s one class a week for 6 weeks and this costs £210. We also offer drop ins (subject to availability) at £37 per class and observations are free. Drop us an email and we will send you the payment details. We require a deposit of £50 to hold your place for our 6 week blocks which is non-refundable. If you pay in full for your classes and can no longer attend we will allow you to transfer £160 of your class fee to a future block or if you give us a weeks notice we will refund you (deposits are never refunded).

Once we confirm your place we can no longer offer that spot to another actor. If you then cancel or drop out it isn’t always possible for us to replace you. It’s a very temperamental industry and peoples schedules change all the time which means our class numbers can fluctuate at very short notice. The deposit protects us against loss of business and means we can continue to provide high quality training to committed actors.

We don’t use our agency as a selling tool, our agency was created because we had a huge number of actors who couldn’t get representation but were very talented and we wanted to provide those actors with opportunities. We are a small agency, Amanda, our lead agent, works predominantly on her own. This means we are keeping our books small and only sign people who fill a particular niche. This isn’t to say we wouldn’t sign you if we thought you’d be an excellent fit for us but it’s not a guarantee.

We do our best to move you into another class that week but there are no refunds for classes and you can’t carry a class over into another week/block. If you’ve paid for a drop in and you need to rearrange you must give us 3 days notice, we will be happy to reschedule the class but no refunds are offered.


5 day Mon-Fri courses and Weekend Intensives. For actors who are looking for more intensive training in specific areas.


5x 3 hour sessions running Monday-Friday (dates below) £175

The complete 5 day training programme for experienced and professional actors

  • Fine tune Screen Acting technique
  • Mock on set experience for hitting marks, favouring the camera, maintaining continuity
  • Brush up on Audition and Self-tape skills
  • Marketing overview; showcase yourself to your full potential
  • Course ends with a scene shot on a Netflix approved camera (Sony FX3) for Showreels


5x 3 hour sessions running Monday-Friday (dates below) £175

Learn all the foundational skills needed to start a career in Screen Acting (suitable for beginners and actors that have been acting for a while but have limited professional experience)

  • Learn how to breakdown and analyse scripts
  • Introduction to being on set
  • How to audition and self-tape correctly
  • Preparing yourself for the industry, what do you sell? How to make your CV professional, industry insights
  • Course ends with a scene shot on a Netflix approved camera (Sony FX3) for Showreels
Talented actors represented by The Working Actors Studio, showcasing their versatility and professionalism


5x 3 hour sessions running Monday-Friday (dates below) £175

Becoming a complete and authentic actor (covers Screen and Stage acting)

  • Understanding Practical Aesthetics – the most simple and effective acting technique
  • Discovering who you are, what makes you you, making your work authentic
  • How to embellish your performances for Stage and Screen without forcing it
  • How to truly affect your scene partner and make every performance fresh and spontaneous
  • Course ends with a scene shot on a Netflix approved camera (Sony FX3) for Showreels


Sat/Sun 9-6pm (dates below) £200

The complete weekender for actors pursuing careers in Screen Acting (Mixed abilities welcome)

  • Fine tune Screen Acting technique
  • Mock on set experience
  • Audition and Self-tape technique
  • Get industry ready with marketing and CV overview
  • Course ends with a scene shot on a Netflix approved camera (Sony FX3) for Showreels


5x 3 hour rehearsal with a live performance (dates below) £230

A 1 week intensive rehearsal process ending in a live performance in a London Theatre

  • Work on a scene with a partner to perform in front of an audience and industry professionals
  • Work on your Stage acting technique
  • Opportunity to invite Agents and Casting Directors to see your work



13th-17th 10am-1pm Practical Aesthetics and Characterisation £175

13th-17th 2pm-5pm Screen Acting Masterclass £175

18th-19th 9-6pm Weekend Intensive £200


9th-10th 9-6pm Weekend Intensive £200

11th-15th 10am-1pm Showcase 1 £230

11th-15th 2pm-5pm Showcase 2 £230

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